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Hemline Scissors Multi Craft Shears 6.5in

(Code: H390)
£ 5.50(£ 5.50)
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Hemline Scissors Multi Craft Shears 6.5in


Powerful cutting action.

Sharp fine pointwith cover.

Quality stainlesssteel blades and spring.

Adjustable pivot tension.

Easy lock at base of scissors for safestorage.

Ergonomic softcomfort handle with grip.


Cleaning & Care

These arequality scissors that will last a lifetime if cleaned regularly, used with care (i.e. do not try to cut pins or metalobjects) and store in a clean moisture free place.

Clean the blades regularly with a chemically treatedCleaning Cloth,or a softcloth with some white spirit. Apply a drop of sewing machine oil to the joint from time to time and wipe "offany excess.

Do not allowblades to come into contact with glue or sticky tape as the smallest amount of glue on the cutting surfaces will greatly inhibit the cutting action.


These scissors are sharp and can be dangerousif misused always use with careand supervision is recommended for children .

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