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Dress Forms or Tailors Dummies

Adjustoform manufactures and distributes an extensive range of dress forms for the home sewing enthusiast. There is a product to suit all sizes, needs and budgets. Dressforms are used for fitting clothing that is being designed or sewed. When creating a piece of clothing, you can put it on the dress form and see how it fits and drapes.
Why use a Dress Form?
When the dress form has been assembled and adjusted to precise measurements, it becomes a replica of the person for whom the garment is being made. Pattern fitting, fabric pinning, tacking, setting in of sleeves and darts, and many more operations can be carried out on the form, avoiding the irritation of constantly trying the garment on to judge its fit. Using a dress form allows you to see how the clothing will appear on a body and make adjustments or alterations as you feel necessary and is incredibly helpful for many projects. Dress forms are viral for dressmakers and tailors.
What you expect to find on a dress form:
Automatic or manual measurement adjusters, Split waist option for those requiring a size lengthening or shortening feature. Choice of Hem Leveller for simple hemming, or Pin Hem gauge with easy basting attachment. Pincushion, Stand designed for stability, Easy to set neck adjustment. Choice of 10 or 12 body adjusters, Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking, Tripod stand has scale tapes for shoulder and hemline height, Two-year guarantee with all dressmaking models, Measurements in centimetres and inches, Full shoulders for perfect hang to sleeves. (Not all features available on each model)
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(Code: 2FSUD PET)
Adjustoform Supafit Deluxe Dress Form
£ 128.50(£ 128.50)
8 part form with 12 adjusters
In Stock
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(Code: FG150)
Adjustoform Male Dress Form
£ 126.00(£ 126.00)
Male Form 8 Part
In Stock
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(Code: FG202)
Adjustoform  Lady Valet Small
£ 181.92(£ 181.92)
(-10.68%) £ 162.50(£ 162.50)

8 part - Dark wood and Ecru fabric

In Stock
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(Code: FG203)
Adjustoform  Lady Valet Medium
£ 160.50(£ 160.50)

8 part - Dark wood and Ecru fabric

In Stock
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(Code: FG203)
Adjustoform  Freestanding Chalk Hem Marker
£ 19.95(£ 19.95)