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Whats New in-store & On-line

Whats New in-store & On-lineHi.Customers
   We like to keep you informed of our new yarns.
    Firstly we have Funky Fur, a fluffy D.K yarn, it comes in 8 pastel colours, and there are six baby patterns. Because it is a standard D.K, you could knit it to your favorite DK.pattern.
   The price for this lovely yarn is £2.35 For a 50g ball.

   Our next new yarn is Alpine. This one is for the grown-ups. It is a fur effect yarn that is so soft and so light that you hardly know that you were wearing it. The hat and snood take two balls each and make a fabulous matching
set, ready for the winter It is a Super Chunky yarn that grows so quick there is plenty of time before the cold weather arrives. There are also patterns for cushions and soft toys. There are six fabulous colours to choose from.At
   £3.75 Per 50g ball it is a reasonable price and a joy to knit.

   Last but not least Temptation,
   This is a beautifully soft brushed mohair yarn that comes in 10 very different shades, colours to suit everyone and ten patterns to choose from. This is a chunky yarn so again will grow nice and quick. They have used some creative stitches to
enhance the fabulous designs. This yarn is £4.99 for a 50g ball.
   All of these yarns and patterns are on our website and are in stock waiting for your order.
  Regards the staff at Gower Yarns.
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